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Alecu Russo Balti State University. This word-combination became dear to thousands of people: teachers, philologists, mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists, educators, lawyers, psychologists, biologists, geographers, farmers, experts in foreign languages, writers, musicians, managers, etc.  About 55.000 experts in various fields have had the chance to build themselves in the prestigious professional institution from Balti. “In Balti much learning takes place”- this is a statement that has become common and often heard in different intellectual environments.

By the image and the name it has today, the University has forwarded tenaciously more than 70 years. Today USARB has become a modern higher education institution, which offers educational services and scientific research in accordance with international requirements.

The advantage of making quality education at our University is based on the following arguments:


  • Study programs (specialties / specializations) at all three university cycles: licence - 43,master - 28, doctoral- 8, within 4 faculties: Faculty of Philology, Faculty of Exact, Economic and Environmental Sciences,  Faculty of Sciences of Education, Psychology and Arts, Faculty of Law and Social Sciences.

  • Placing all educational services in a compact frame - University Campus with 8 block of flats for studies, with about 354 classrooms, scientific  and didactic laboratories, departments, sections, offices and services, scientific and modern  library, 3 gyms, 3 halls for cultural activities, five dormitories, canteen, centers of  studying  language and culture of other countries: Romanian, British, American, French, Russian, Polish, Georgian, Chinese etc.

  • Over 300 highly professional teachers, including over 100 doctors and doctor habilitates, university professors and lecturers, researchers.

  • International mobility (academic internships in a number of universities in other countries for one semester, one year, etc.).

  • Participation in various international programs and projects.

  • Decent living conditions (students’ dormitories offer places for living for all interested persons).

  • A varied program of extra-curricular activities (cultural, sports).

  • Specialized internships in various institutions and enterprises.
  •  Programs for continuing education and professional re-qualification after graduation from University.

  • Collaboration agreements with a number of academic and research institutions in different countries.

  • Projects supported by the Council of Europe, the Francophone University Agency, European Union programs Tempus, Erasmus-Mundus, Jean Monnet, Youth in Action, etc.

  • Student self-government structures: Student Senate, student dean offices, the trade union of students.

  • Military Department.


Historical Facts:


 1945Foundation of the Teacher Institute in Balti with two faculties: History and Philology and Natural Sciences and Geography.

 1953Reorganization of Teacher Institute from Balti into Pedagogical Institute from Balti.

 1959The Pedagogical Institute from Balti was conferred the name of "Alecu Russo".

 1992Pedagogical State Institute "Alecu Russo" was reorganized into the "Alecu Russo Balti State University.

1995The university opened the first non-pedagogical faculties - Economics and Law.

2005In accordance with the decisions of the Bologna process, occurs the implementation of ECTS in the educational system.

2006Inside the University was opened a Subsidiary of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, based on the scientific laboratories of the University and of the Scientific Research Institute, in the field of crops “Selectia”

2008University obtained the international certificate ISO 9001:2000 of the European University System of Quality Management. It was founded also the Quality Management Department.

2011University is accredited as an organization in the field of science and innovation with all rights attaching to accomplish research activities, innovation and technological transfer to five research profiles. As a result, Alecu Russo Balti State University has achieved internationally the grade of  competitive  organization.

2016Currently the Alecu Russo Balti State University  is an educational, scientific, and cultural center in the northern part of the Republic of Moldova, which proposes to deploy the activity according to a set of goals aimed at developing and advancing them to a new level of conceptualizing and achieving its mission as the institution with the status of national heritage, meant to contribute to the reform of higher education  on the essential coordinates, according to modern, European and global requirements  in the following aspects : a) mission; b) education and teaching; c) research, development and innovation; d) financial and material; e) adequate payroll for hard work, supporting and remuneration of performance; f) technical equipment of the educational process and research; g) continuing education of scientific and scientific-teaching staff; i) extracurricular education; k) self-government students; l) national and international collaboration; m) collaboration with institutions from the pre-university educational system and other institutions and organizations from the city and districts of the country. At the same time, it takes place the escalation of educational internationalization process through participation in various programs: EFFORT, IANUS, IANUS II, EMERGE, EUROEAST, TEMPO, WEBB etc. Dozens of teachers and students benefit from mobilities in universities abroad. Similarly, the University hosts teachers and students from other countries.

The aim of our institution is to prepare specialists corresponding to modern requirements, able to adapt to the dynamic character of the labor market, able to demonstrate initiative, creativity, high professional skills. At the same time, the institution proposes a general formation of students who correspond to the high title of "University Alumni": the democratic spirit, analytical thinking, modern mentality, culture and education, moral conscience, with a particular openness to new, citizenship, sense of responsibility and love for the country and nation. Our slogan is: "The student is the central figure in the university".


You are welcome at the Alecu Russo Balti State University!


Rector Ion GagimUniversity Professor

   Doctor Habilitate