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Erasmus + Programme

Key Action 1

Academic year 2017 -2018


Available Scholarships for Alecu Russo Balti State University

University Name

University of Granada, Spain

University Web Page


Field of Study

  • ALL areas available at the University of Granada, Spain

Type of mobility

Staff for Teaching

Required documents

  1. Copy of ID and Passport
  2. CV and List of Publications
  3. Proof of employment, issued by home university (original and authorized translation into English)
  4. Motivation Statement (stating the motivation for applying for the Erasmus+ scholarship and describing the activities planned for the duration of the mobility in the host university)
  5. Work Plan will outline the teaching activities, outcomes and objectives agreed with the prospective Host Supervisor
  6. Support Letter issued by the prospective Supervisor at the Host University. In the Support Letter, the Supervisor will confirm his/her willingness to host the candidate and mentor him/her in the activities outlined in the Work Plan. The support letter will also provide evidence of candidate language proficiency and it may possibly include information about the tentative mobility period.
  7. Language certificate (for the language of instruction of the particular study programme in the host university)

The file (printed and electronic PDF format) will be presented to your home University to Svetlana Melnic, International Relations Officer (Department of International Relations, Office 142, Administrative Building, email: melnic.svetlana@usarb.md).

Language Requirements

Candidates are expected to demonstrate English/ Spanish proficiency corresponding to at least B2 level of the Common European Language Framework of Reference.

Selection Process

Home university will provide a pre-selection of candidates according to the following criteria:

  1. CV and List of Publications
  2. Support Letter
  3. Work Plan
  4. Program Motivation
  5. Awareness and good knowledge of the Erasmus + programme
  6. Any other information indicated by the applicant (additional working experience, specific academic interest, vulnerable socio-economic situation, etc.)


November 6th, 2017