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Speech and Context

International Journal of Linguistics, Semiotics and Literary Science


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Speech and Context International Journal of Linguistics, Semiotics and Literary Science publishes original articles on the following topics:

    - overview of signs, speech and communication: overview of sign, overview of speech, speech aspects, overview of communication and speech act, sense and signification in communication, intention in communication, speech intelligibility ;

    - types of sign, speech and interactional mechanisms in communication (types of sign: icon, index, symbol) ;

    - types of speech and interactional mechanisms in communication: speech act in everyday communication, mimic and gestures in communication, language for specific purposes, sense and signification in media communication, audio-visual language/pictorial language, language of music/language of dance, speech in institutional area, verbal language in cultural context, languages and communication within the European community ;

- (literary) language and social conditioning: ideology and language identity, language influences, morals and literary speech, collective mentality and literary image, (auto)biographic writings, between individual and social, voices, texts, reprezentation) ;

    - language, context, translation: role of context in translation, types of translation; languages and literatures teaching and studying.

We aim to bring important works to a wide international audience. The research presented must transcend the limits of case studies. Both experimental and theoretical studies are accepted.

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