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Speech and Context

International Journal of Linguistics, Semiotics and Literary Science


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Linguistics, Semiotics, Applied Linguistics, Literary Science, Translation Studies


Overview of signs, speech and communication, Types of signs, speech and interaction mechanisms in communication; (Literary) language and social conditioning; Language, context, translation

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English, French, German, Romanian, Russian




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Volume Presentation

Svetlana Osokina, The Thesaurus Conception as a New View on the Epistemological Function of the Language

Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Mohammed Ahmad Alward, Arabic Loan Words in Urdu: a Linguistic Analysis

Gergana Atanassova Petkova, Eponyms in Bulgarian Clinical Terminology

Ioana-Iulia Olaru, Statuara clasica romana si dorinta de eternitate / Romanian Classical Statuary and the Desire of Eternity

Лилия Беженару, Обращения во французском языке / Lilia Bejenaru, Studies of the French Appelatives

Luminita Hoarta Carausu, Un tip de interactiune mediata controlata. Dezbaterea televizata romaneasca actuala / A Controled Type of Interactive Media. Up-do-Date Romanian TV Debate

Gina Maciuca, Glimpses of English Tempoaspectual Blends

Stella Gorbani, The Role of Parentheses in Text Cohesion

Gina Maciuca, Pros and Cons of the English Voice

Max Graff, “Ein unbewaltigter, unbewaltigbarer Rest”. Zu Gerhard Selbs Umgang mit seiner Vergangenheit in Bernhard Schlinks Selb-Trilogie / “Insurmountable, Impossible to Overcome Time Span”. On Gerhard Selbs' Attitude towards his Past in Bernhard Schlink's Trilogy

Ioana Boghian, A Semiotic Approach to the Act of Naming Houses in Victorian Novels

Angela Cosciug, Etude comparee des systemes vocaliques du francais, espagnol, roumain et russe / A Comparative Study of French, Spanish, Romanian and Russian Vowel Systems

Natalia Banaru, Aspectul lingvistico-didactic al hiatului in comparatie cu diftongii in limba engleza / The Linguistico-Didactic Aspect of the Hiatus versus Diphthongs in English

Екатерина Никулча, Комплексность изображения темных сил в произведениях Э. Т. А. Гофмана, Н. В. Гоголя, М. А. Булгакова / Ecaterina Niculcea, The Complexity of the Image of Dark Forces in Hoffmann’s, Gogol’s and Bulgakov’s Works

Grigore Cantemir, Norme “nu prea respectate” de fete respectabile / “Not Quite Respected” Norms by Respectable People

Erdal Derinoz, Die Verwendung der Lichtmetaphorik in E. T. A. Hoffmans “Das Fraulein von Scuderi” / The Use of Metaphors of Light in the Story “Das Fräulein von Scuderi” by E. T. A. Hoffmanns

Georgiana Elisabeta Panait, Intertextualitatea si simbolistica apei / Intertextuality and Water Symbols

Инна Гажева, Принципы орнаментализма в «Северной симфонии» Андрея Белого / Inna Gajeva, Principles of Ornamentalism in „Northern Symphony” by Andrey Bely

Natalia Khalina, Linguistics Performance of the Liberal Truth in Russia: from the Imperial Liberalism of the 19th Century to the Presidential Liberalism of the 20th Century

Georgiana Elisabeta Panait, Viziunea prozaica si arta poetica in operele lui Ion Vinea / Prosaic Vision and Poetry in Ion Vinea’s Works

Medea Kintsourachvili, Maia Benidze, Semiotique de l'ile dans le roman de M. Tournier “Vendredi ou les limbes du Pacifique” / Semiotics of the Island in M. Tournier’s Novel «Friday or the Limbo of the Pacific

Irina Strechii, Traduceri in engleza din Grigore Vieru / Translating Grigore Vieru in English

Luiza Sosu, Traduceri in engleza din Mihai Eminescu si Grigore Vieru / Translating Grigore Vieru in English

Georgiana Elisabeta panait, Poezii / Poems

Luiza Sosu, Opriti betonul ! / Stop the Concrete !

Luiza Sosu, Visul unei nopti spre Boboteaza (basm) / The Dream of a Night on the Eve of Christening (Tale)

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