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Speech and Context

International Journal of Linguistics, Semiotics and Literary Science


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VOLUME 1(II)2010


Linguistics, Comparative Linguistics, Semiotics, Literary Science


Overview of Signs, Speech and Communication; Types of Speech and Interaction Mechanisms in Communication; (Literary) Language and Social Conditioning

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English, French, German, Portugueuse, Russian, Romanian




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Наталья Халина, Экономическая рецепция обстоятельств жизни: язык как маркетинг-структура / Natalia Halina, Economic Reception of the Circumstances of Life: Language as a Marketing Structure

Ioana Boghian, The Victorian House: Icon, Index, Symbol

Lilia Raciula, Semn lingval / Semn poetic / Simbol / Linguistic Sign / Poetic Sign / Symbol

Bernard Mulo Farenkia, Von 'Bonjour, Monsieur !' zu 'Guten tag, Herr !': Texte kamerunischer Germanisten als Instanzen des Sprach-und Kulturkontakts / From 'Bonjour, Monsieur !' to 'Guten Tag, Herr !': Texts by Cameroonian Germanists as Instances of Linguistic and Cultural Context

Gherghe Savoiu, Entreprise, Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship - The Main Semantic Chain in Contemporary Economics

Ioana-Iulia Olaru, The Visual Language of Paleo-Christian Painting Before ”Paix de l'église

Lelia Trocan, Exame Critico em Questao / Critical Examination in Question

Sebastian Barth, Deutschland Während der Renaissancezeit als Folie für Thomas Manns Faustusroman / Germany during the Renaissance as a Foil for Thomas Mann's Faustus Novel

Анжела Кощуг, (По)хвала и порицание в библейском тексте (попытка прагматического анализа) / Angela Cosciug, Praise and Reproof in the Biblical Text (an Attempt of Pragmatic Analysis)

Екатерина Никулча, рнавальное начало и театральность — (идея, стиль, язык) — в художественном тексте произведения Э.Т.А. Гофмана, Н.В. Гоголя, М.А. Булгакова) / Ecaterina Niculcea, Carnival Beginnings and Theatricality – (The Idea, Style and Language) - in Literary Texts (Based on E.T.A. Hoffman’s, N.V. Gogol’s, M.A. Bulgakov’s Works)

Иван Смирнов, К вопросу о мотивации употребления Л.Н. Толстым отдельных французских слов и лексико-грамматических структур в романе «Война и мир» / Ivan Smirnov, Considering the Motivated Use of Some French Words and Lexical and Grammatical Structures by L. N. Tolstoy in the novel “War and Peace”

Luiza Sosu, Si daca / Whenever Twigs

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