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Speech and Context

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VOLUME 1(I)2009


Linguistics, Semiotics, Communicative Studies, Translation Theory


Overview of Sign; Speech Aspects; Communicative Intention; Speech Intelligibility; Types of Sign; Types of Speech and Interaction Mechanisms in Communication; Languages and Communication within the European Community; (Literary) Language and Social Conditioning; Language, Context, Translation

Languages of Publication:

English, French, German, Russian, Romanian

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Mihaela Munteanu Siserman, Perspective lingvistico-pragmatice in abordarea textual-discursiva a referintei (consideratii teoretice, retrospective si de perspectiva / Using Linguistic and Pragmatic Approaches in the Textual and Discursive Studies of Reference (Theory, Retrospectives and Prospectives)

Ana Pomelnicova, Sprachvergleich Deutsch-Rumanisch. Eine kontrastive Fehleranalyse / A Contrastive Errors Analysis in German and Romanian

Silvia Sandu, Consideratii asupra mijloacelor lexicale de exprimare a intentiei in textul literar francez / Examining Lexical Means of Expressing Intention in French Literary Texts

Angela Cosciug, De la traditionalism la modernism in abordarea rationalului si irationalului / Traditional and Modern Approaches in Studying the Rational and the Irrational

Oxana Chira, Symbole und ihr Gebrauch in verschiedenen Lebensbereichen / An Overview of the Symbols and their Role in Various Areas of Life

Luminita Hoarta Carausu, Negocierea rolurilor comunicative in romana vorbita actuala / Negotiating Comunicative Roles in Modern Spoken Romanian

Bernard Mulo Farenkia, La volubilite expressive en action: comment les Camerounais francophones repondent au compliment / Expressive Volubility in Action: How French–speaking Cameroonians Respond to Compliments

Cristina Ilinca, La refutation, strategie argumentative de l’editorial politique / The Refutation - an Argumentative Strategy of the Political Editorial

Наталья Халина, Лингвистический либерализм и модернизация идеоречевого цикла / Nataliya Halina, Linguistic Liberalism and the Modernization of the Idea-Speech Cycle

Инна Гажева, Динамические метафорические модели в художественном дискурсе младосимволистов (на материале «Симфоний» Андрея Белого) / Inna Gajeva, Dynamic Metaphorical Models in the Artistic Discourse of the Young Symbolists (based on Andrei Bely's Symphonies)

Lace Marie Brogden, An Outsider View / A vue d’aigle: Negotiating Linguistic Spaces in Multilingual Europe

Marta Istrati, Ideologia diglosica in Republica Moldova / A Diglosic Ideology in the Republic of Moldova

Mirela Dragoi, Elemente autobiografice in productia lirica a lui Constantin Virgil Gheorghiu / Autobiographic Elements in Constantin Virgil Gheorghiu’s Lyric Works

Alisa Cozmulici, Barocul si opera cantemiriana / The Baroque and Cantemir's Works

Rodica Bogatu, Petite histoire des relations entre la France et les Roumains, entre la litterature roumaine et celle francaise / A Short History of Relationships between France and the Romanians, between the Romanian and French Literatures

Catalina Balinisteanu, Die Definierung der Identitat des “Blauen Engels” / ”Blauen Engels” Identity Definition

Elena Dragan, Une grammaire de la traduction / A ‘Grammar’ of Translation

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