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Speech and Context

International Journal of Linguistics, Semiotics and Literary Science


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VOLUME 2(I)2009


Linguistics, Comparative Linguistics, Semiotics, Literary Science, Translation Theory


Overview of Signs, Speech and Communication; Types of Speech and Interaction Mechanisms in Communication; (Literary) Language and Social Conditioning; Language, Context, Translation

Languages of Publication:

English, French, Portugueuse, Russian, Romanian




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Daniela Butnaru, Oral /vs/ scris in toponimie / Oral /vs/ Written in Toponyms

Grigore Cantemir, Paralelism intre romanescul „a avea” si frantuzescul „avoir” / Common Features of the Romanian a avea’ and the French avoir’

Gina Maciuca, Interferente lingvistice germano-romanice / Linguistic Interferences of Germanic and Romance Languages

Иван Смирнов, Смысловое взаимодействие исконной лексики и заимствованного cловa / Ivan Smirnov, Semantic Interference of Native Vocabulary and Borrowings

Ирина Булгакова, Cинтагматический аспект глаголов со значением ’обрабатывать’ в современном немецком языке / Irina Bulgakova, The Sintagmatic Aspect of Modern German Verbs Having the Meaning ’to work’

Екатерина Никулча, Стилистико-языковые аспекты в эстетике художественного творчества во взаимосвязи с философскими и психологическими теориями (Ф. Шеллинг, Э.Т.А. Гофман, Ф. Ницше, З. Фрейд) / Ekaterina Niculča, Stylistic and Linguistic Aspects in Aestetics of Artistic Creation in Connection with Philosophical and Psychological Theories (F. Schelling, E.T.A. Hoffmann, F. Nietzsche, Z. Freud)

Anca Mariana Pegulescu, English between ENL and ELF

Luminita Hoarta Carausu, Semnificatiile limbajului gestual / The Communicative Functions of Gestures

Gheorghe Savoiu, Paradigma si prioritatea acesteia in raport cu metoda, in cadrul gandirii statistice / Paradigm and its Priority in Relation with the Method within the Statistic

Marta Istrati, Conflictul lingvistic – o consecinta a bilingvismului diglosic. Situatia din Republica Moldova / Linguistic Conflict as a Consequence of Diglossic Bilingualism. The Situation in the Republic of Moldova

Lelia Trocan, Caleidoscopio: a dialetica do real e da poesia / Caleidoscope: The Dialectics of the Real and of the Poetry

Ioana Boghian, Reconstructing Fragments of Charles Dickens’(Auto)biography through “David Copperfield”

Viorica Condrat, Conversation Analysis in “Hills like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemingway

Maricela Strungariu, Michel Leiris: De la quete de soi au refuge dans l’imaginaire / Michel Leiris: from the Search of Self to the Refuge in the Imagination

Anca Mariana Pegulescu, Relativismul lingvistic in proverbe / Linguistic Relativism in Proverbs

Angela Cosciug, Le roman d’Adrienne Senecal «Le Notaire Jofliau» face a une possible traduction en roumain / Adrienne Senecal's Novel "Notary Jofliau" Facing a Possible Translation in Romanian

Elena Baraboi, Bringing Moldovan Novels to Quebec— Possibility or Utopia?

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